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Grass Fed Meats

Our Breed

Here on the farm we raise all grass fed meats. We raise a heritage breed of sheep, called the Navajo Churro. As their name implies, the Navajo people in the Southwest have traditionally raised this breed since the early 1500’s. The world-renowned Navajo rugs are spun from the wool of these sheep. We raise this breed not only because they are adapted to this region but also because of their superior meat quality. They take longer to get to butcher weight than conventional breeds but provide an exceptional, mild tasting lamb meat that is palatable to even the most sensitive taste buds. Along side our lamb we also raise beef. Our cattle add an essential element to our grazing operation, not to mention some of the most quality beef in the Animas Valley.

Full Circle Farming

Our meats are only one facet of the larger picture we are working to achieve here at the ranch. We are primarily interested in utilizing these animals in order to build soil on our farm. Soil is the basis of all living things and lifeblood of organic farmers. Without healthy, living soil we have nothing. It is our duty to enhance macro and micro, soil biology through our practices. Rotationally grazing perennial pastures is the best way to build soil. You can find a multitude of plant species in our pastures including clovers, grasses and some alfalfa.  Our animals are moved every 24 to 48 hours throughout the grazing season in order to build our soil effectively.

By moving large groups of animals frequently on relatively small paddocks we accomplish a few key things. By moving quickly, the animals only eat the most virgin tips of the plants in the pasture, giving them optimal nutrition with every bite. It also mitigates pest and disease by always allowing the animals’ access to fresh living space. In addition to these attributes they also create better water retention within the soil. Their hoofs create pockets for water to be retained in the soil. In addition increased organic matter produced by their waste not only adds nutrients to the soil but also allows the soil to regenerate.

baby lamb
Our guardian dog Sam with her sheep
rotational grazing
multi species grazing
grass fed lamb
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